9:00 Session 9 – Robotics and Image Analysis (Chair Dr. Tianhua Chen)

  • 9:00 Design and Implementation of Bionic Flying Fish with Applications
    Haifeng Cai, Mei Liu, and Dan Su
  • 9:20 Robust Control for Autonomous Surveillance with Unmanned Aerial Manipulator
    Weiwei Zhan, Yanjie Chen, Yaonan Wang, Fei Chao, and Qiang Shen
  • 9:40 Segmentation and Counting of Plant Organs Using Deep Learning and Multi- View Images
    Hui Lv, Zhen Chen, Yuhang Mo, Lu Lou, Ran Song, and John H. Doonan
  • 10:00 Ankle Variable Impedance Control for Humanoid Robot Upright Balance Control
    Kaiyang Yin, Yaxu Xue, Yifei Wang, and Longzhi Yang
  • 10:20 Estimation of event-related potentials from single-trial EEG
    Siyuan Zang, Changle Zhou, and Fei Chao

10:40 – 11:00 BREAK

11:00 Session 10 – EDMA 1 (Chair: Prof. Felician Campean)

  • 11:00 A model-based reliability analysis method using Bayesian network
    Sohag Kabir and Felician Campean
  • 11:20 Dealing with uncertainty in anomalous audio event detection using fuzzy modeling
    Zied Mnasri, Stefano Rovetta, Francesco Masulli, and Alberto Cabri
  • 11:40 A framework to handle uncertainties of Machine Learning Models in compliance with ISO 26262
    Vinod Vasudevan, Amr Abdullatif, Sohag Kabir, and Felician Campean
  • 12:00 Driver Behaviour Clustering using Discrete PDFs and Modified Markov algorithm
    Kirill Kartashev, Aleksandr Doikin, Felician Campean, Alexey Uglanov, Amr Abdullatif, Qichun Zhang, and Emanuele Angiolini
  • 12:20 Defect Prediction on Production Line
    Souhaiel Khalfaoui, Eric Manouvrier, Alexandre Briot, David Delaux, Stephane Butel, Jesutofunmi Ibrahim, Tatenda Kanyere, Bola Orimogunje, Amr Abdullatif, and Daniel Neagu

12:40 13:00 LUNCH BREAK

13:00 Keynote 3: Dr. Una-May O’Reilly (Chair: Dr. Richard Jensen)

“Artificial Adversarial Intelligence”

Abstract: At the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, I study Artificial Adversarial Intelligence. From this lens my research group focuses on the intelligent, adaptive behavior of actors who are in conflict. I will describe one of our algorithmic workhorses: the co-evolutionary algorithm and how we exploit co-evolution. It supports modeling and simulation of the complex dynamics of arms races that emerge from learning and helps us offer insights to domains such as cybersecurity.

14:00 Session 11 – EDMA II (Chair: Prof. Daniel Neagu)

  • 14:00 Towards autonomous health monitoring of rails using a FEA-ANN based approach
    Luke Brown, Shukri Afazov, and Daniele Scrimieri
  • 14:20 Driver Behaviour Modelling: Travel Prediction using Probability Density Function
    Alexey Uglanov, Kirill Kartashev, Felician Campean, Aleksandr Doikin, Amr Abdullatif, Emanuele Angiolini, Chunxing Lin, and Qichun Zhang
  • 14:40 Cloud-Agnostic and Lightweight Big Data Processing Platform in Multiple Clouds Using Docker Swarm and Terraform
    Nitin Naik

15:00 – 15:10 BREAK

15:10 Keynote 4: Dr. Paula Palade
“Ethics of Connected and Autonomous vehicles – A European Commission and Industry Perspective”

16:10 Awards

16:30 CLOSE